What is a “tupinier”

The Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon are an association which was founded in 1986 and was then entitled “Vieux Lyon en Fête”. They have organized the first potters’ market on 11 and 12 September 1986.
Today, the aim of our association consists in organizing one of the most important potters’ markets in France and a ceramic event joined to it every second week-end of September.
Members of our association are professional potters from Lyon and its region, as well as amateurs of ceramics. We welcome anyone wishing to participate in the organization, development and promotion of our event.
The association is governed by a council of administration of 11 members:

President: Sabine ORLANDINI
Vice President: Beate RÖNNEFARTH
Secretary: Véronique ROUGY
Vice-secretary: Véronique BELIER
Treasurer: Laure KAN
Vice-treasurer: Brigitte VALLET

Our association is supported by the city of Lyon, particularly by the 5th borough which places an office at our disposal.

Postal address: Les Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon, 5 montée St Barthélémy, 69005 LYON
Phone: 04 72 77 92 42
Mobile phone: 06 72 14 63 98
Mail : contact@tupiniers.com

In the late middle ages there were numerous potters living and working in Lyon. The term of “tupin” appears then to design various ceramic recipients. The craftsman producing them is called “tupinier” by extension.
There aren’t many archeological traces of this ceramic production for a daily use except from geographical names testifying of this activity or its trade, like the village of Tupin et Semons south of Vienne or the street name Rue Tupin in Lyon.
Urban legend or historical truth? A law by Charles VIII from 14 July 1492 authorizes the “tupiniers” to organize their annual market at Place Saint Jean.
We have wished to keep this name for our event taking place in a site labelled since 1995 world patrimony by the UNESCO.