THE EVENT : In animal land



From bas-reliefs to sculptures or decoration on tableware, realistic depiction or imaginative interpretation, animal-inspired ceramics have been present wherever and whenever creative ceramics exist. Inspired by the richness of this theme, we hope 2020’s market will bring you to the heart of the matter : In animal land

Since the exhibition originally scheduled for September 12 and 13 cannot be held physically, the journey will begin on the net. We are therefore pleased to make you discover on our site, the links to the work of contemporary ceramists who have made animal sculpture their expression. Here you will discover the work of twenty contemporary ceramists who specialise in animal sculpture. They capture the poses, the movement, the expressions… some artists paring the creature down to its essence, while others create something larger than life – more realistic than the real thing !

But even more, by gluttonously leafing through the pages of the e-catalog, you will discover 140 exceptional ceramists, the quality of their work a testament to their passion and the diversity of the techniques on display.

For this particular 2020 edition, the ceramists are waiting for you in their workshops.
For our part, we have the secret hope, that seduced by their work, you will leave with an object, a creation, a small piece of this land that, men or beasts, we all share …

So discover and meet the 140 ceramists selected for the 35th edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon !