Terra animalis

The first subject of art, still being studied, the animal represented bears witness to the long and distant relationship that unites it with man, in many artistic expressions and many cultures. First depicted on the walls of caves and in the first models, the animal has remained an inexhaustible source of inspiration for man.

In these times of questioning the meaning of our existence and of a growing return to a life closer to nature, we have chosen to show you the diversity of contemporary ceramic artists' representations of the animal.
With a great variety of techniques to model them, an overflowing imagination and a limitless creativity, these artists will present you their perception of animal life. Whether realistic or imaginary, mythological or humorous, we hope to seduce and surprise you with the poetry that surrounds all these proposals.

We are very happy to be able to present you this beautiful exhibition of about twenty contemporary artists and we invite you to follow in parallel on the market, the "Terra Animalis" trail, where you will find about fifteen stands dedicated to the animal kingdom.