From the physical market to its digital edition
In animal territory... digital version



For the first time since 1986, the potters will not set up their stands on the second weekend of September in the Old City of Lyon. There will be no exhibitions or animations in the Lazarist school courtyard that usually welcomes us.

After more than 6 months of preparation, and with great sadness, our Board of Directors has taken the decision to cancel the 35th edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon. The lack of visibility on authorizations and on the evolution of sanitary constraints, combined with the hosting of a part of the Tour de France in Lyon on the dates of our event, led us to the cancellation of this great contemporary ceramics gathering.

The guests of honour for the 2020 edition are the animal sculptors whose work questions the relationship between humans and animals and their status. A theme which is proving to be cruelly relevent during the current situation of the health crisis. Whether in a poetic, humoristic or realistic way, animal sculptors testify through their creations, the fascination, richness and diversity of the animal kingdom, and remind us that this Earth must be shared by all; humans, animals and the natural environment alike.

In order to pay tribute to all the exhibitors who spent months in their workshops preparing the creations they wanted to present in Old Lyon, we have designed the first e-edition of our event for them and for you. It starts here and will continue throughout the summer.

It may seem paradoxical to propose a digital manifestation for our discipline which is above all a physical art. Feeling the surfaces, appreciating the volumes, the colours or the material effects are inseparable within our profession. Meeting the public, exchanging with visitors, and allowing everyone to hold the pieces in their hands is all part of our job.

We therefore hope that our edition will not be a version which is disconnected from the "real life". The exhibitors who should have been present this September in Old Lyon are everywhere, in France and in Europe, anchored within their territory.

The guide that brings them all together can be found on the "Market" page of this site. There you will find their locations and contact details. Whatever region you are in, there are at least one or more exhibitors from the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon nearby.

Go and meet them as they have come to meet you every year in Lyon!

Support them, and let us support the creations of contemporary ceramic together before we meet again on September 11th and 12 th , 2021 for the 36th edition of our event in the sumptuous setting of the Old city of Lyon!

Laurence GIRARD
Présidente des Tupiniers du Vieux-Lyon