Lively and colorful, the "Glazed Earth" has all the virtues to be the guest of honor of the Tupiniers. Constantly reinvented, it goes through territories and ages since antiquity. Popular and universal, it invites to share, to eat, to drink, to party.

Thus, for this 34th edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon, we invite you to discover or rediscover, to love and joyfully celebrate the vitality of this technique which has been in use for several thousand years.

Just out of the studio, the "Glazed Earth" finds its place at the table, for the daily meal as for a large banquet. Sometimes, depending on the inspiration of its creator, freed from any utilitarian function, it becomes surprising or amusing sculpture. Surprisingly, she knows how to style majestic ridge roofs, cover them with shimmering glazed tiles, collect and evacuate rainwater through its gutters and colored downspouts. The "Glazed Earth" is multiple, expressive and generous, as are the potters who practice it.

During these two days, throughout the market, as well as through the exhibition of the Lazarists' Courtyard dedicated entirely to the guest of honor of the edition, we also invite you to meet 140 exceptional ceramists, discover their demanding and passionate work and the diversity of techniques and materials used.

This year again, the formula now famous at our event applies perfectly: "You who dream or better seek to build a better world, take a first step, come and take a sample in the alleys of our market."

We look forward to seeing you again for this new edition of our event. It will make you discover the many facets of contemporary ceramics with the secret hope that, seduced, you will leave with an object, a creation, small part of this land that we all share ...