The market

From 1986 on, 140 potters from all over France and abroad exhibit place Saint Jean and the surrounding streets on one of the most important potters’ markets in France. A huge range of ceramics is to discover in the magnificent site of Old Lyon around its cathedral.

The event

Korean ceramics is the honoured guest of this year’s edition. In the context of the crossed years France-Korea we will have the pleasure to receive a delegation of ten potters of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Ceramist Association. Two Living National Treasures figure amongst the members of this association. We will present an exhibition of 50 of their masterpieces in the courtyard of the Lazarists school. You can admire the variety of contemporary Korean ceramics between tradition and modernity for the first time in Lyon.

In order to immerse you in the Korean artistic culture, there will be projections of films about the ceramic arts of Korea in the Lazarists’ courtyard. In the entrance of that yard, there will furthermore be an exhibition of bojaghi, beautifully coloured tissues for traditional wrapping of ceramics. Salmunori percussionists will stroll on the market and within the exhibition during those two days.

This exceptional event is accompanied by a partnership with the Lyon art gallery Galerie 28 which exhibits 30 ceramics of four of our Korean guests from 7 to 11 September 2016.

The market’s guests

Five ceramic guests will be put forward in the event’s corner of our market in front of the entrance to the Lazarists’ courtyard. They are either of Korean origin or strongly influenced by Korean ceramic tradition.

Sangwoo Kim (www.sangwookim.com)

Eun-Soon Park Paradis

Yun Jung Song (www.yunjungsong.com)

Seung HoYang (ceramiquelaborne.org/pages/programmation/.../seung_ho_yang.html)

Dauphine Scalbert (dauphinescalbert.com


La Vague Coréenne (www.vaguecoreenne.com)

Galerie Atelier 28 (etceraterra.free.fr)

Arte Diem (Saint-Chamond) (www.artediem-ceramique.com )

List of 2016 exhibitors of our market