For its 29th edition, the Tupiniers du Vieux-Lyon Festival established a dialogue between two arts: ceramics and poetry. For two days, potters, poets and visitors have met and exchanged ideas.

In the Lazaristes’ school courtyard, among the exhibited works of the festival’s featured ceramicists, five poets came to read poetic pieces that they had written for the occasion, in front of a delighted audience.

Outside the courtyard, the market showcased five ceramicists in particular, whose work was mainly inspired by the dialogue between words and clay.

A dozen people took part in a writing workshop after a visit of the exhibition.

In the alleys of the market, the visitors left notes in the suggestion boxes of the Croix-Rousse town crier. Their messages were recited later on by the town crier, during loud and spectacular public announcements.

On Saturday evening, the "Syndicat des poètes qui vont mourir un jour" presented a poetic performance at La Maison des Passages.

The festival ended with a tombola, giving away two of the exhibited pieces made by the guest ceramic artists.

A very exciting program!


The guests

Ceramicists exhibited in the Lazaristes courtyard: Régina LE MOIGNE (39), Marianne REQUENA (27), Armand TATEOSSIAN (42).

Poets: Françoise DELORME, also a ceramicist (39), Jean-Luc PARANT also a ceramicist (34), James SACRE (85), Isabelle SBRISSA (Switzerland) and Sylvain THEVOZ (Switzerland).

Ceramicists exhibited outside the courtyard: Sara CLOTUCHE (71), Laurence GIRARD (69), Océane MADELEINE (11), Hélène RAYNAL (30) and Daniela SCHLAGENHAUER (15).

Our partners

Françoise DELORME, a poet and ceramicist living in the Jura mountains, and a member of the association, was the initiator and coordinator of this festival edition.

La Cave Littéraire de Villeufontaine, a poetry institute located in the Isère district : its director, Christine DUINY-SAUZEAU, conducted a writing workshop during the festival. (www.lacavelitteraire.com)

L'atelier du Hanneton, a small-scale publishing house specializing in poetry: the poems written for this edition of the Tupiniers festival were published in September 2015, in a collection entitled “Fertile”, which was directed by Stéphane LANDOIS (www.atelierduhanneton.fr).

The town crier of Croix-Rousse, in Lyon (www.ministeredesrapportshumains.com).

The "Syndicat des poètes qui vont mourir un jour", a collective of poets, based in Lyon (http://syndicatdespoetes.eutetfort.com/).

Jean Daubas, a photographer based in the Doubs district, who came and covered the festival, offering his own view of the event.

And for the first time after four years of support, a renewed partnership with Ateliers d'Art de France, the main professional organization of Art Professions in France.